Oracle Free Retake for Java Certification Exam

Repetition Promotion Free (Retake) Oracle Certification Exam

For a Limited Time: Get the possibility of repeating once the exam for free with registration for any certification exam Java or Oracle Database 12c

Steps to take advantage of the offer:

Enter the code RETAKE15LA promotion at the time of payment of scheduling your first attempt for the exam. NOTE: Add this promotion code qualifies you for the opportunity to repeat the exam once if necessary.

At that time, if you have an existing Oracle discount (voucher / promotional code), enter this number also the time of payment.
If you fail the first time, you will automatically be eligible to take the examination once free.

The discount will be automatically applied to your purchase when enrolling for re-examination. It will not be necessary to include a promotional code with your purchase for the discount to be considered.

Complete both studies (the first attempt and repeat) until 31 May 2015.


5 tips to be a Better Programmer

Here are five tips to be a better programmer.

  1. Coding is a craft; you learn it by doing it. That is why training courses have such a strong practical element. It is also a skill that is easy to forget, so use it or lose it.
  2. Even when familiar with the basic constructs, it is still worth fully understanding the detailed syntax of the language you are using. Languages contain many subtleties.
  3. Learn some theory and then do some practical. First gain a good understanding of the principles, purpose and limits of a new technology. Next, start to build an application using the technology.
  4. Many developers start to build something, and may even get it to work, without really knowing what exactly they are doing, or why. That is why having a good understanding is important. With software development, theory and practice go hand in hand.
  5. For the practical bit, it is fine to start by copying code or following step-by-step instructions. But then try, by yourself, building a program from scratch. That is when you really get a sense of achievement.